About Us

The One Who Started It All...

For several years, Willy Hansen has been the most important supplier of fine Scandinavian foods and beverages in the United States, servicing as retail and wholesale to Norwegian Embassies and Consulates, Seaman’s Churches, Cruise Lines, The Norwegian Pavilion at Disney's Epcot Center, Son's Of Norway Lodges, South Dakota's host Fest, and other Scandinavian communities in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Islands of the Caribbean.

    Willy started in 1993, as the leading Scandinavian food distributor and Norwegian Gourmet services of the United States of America and in 2008 Willy expanded his horizons by launching his own name brand: Willy's Products

Willy's Products represents exclusive seafood, meats, and cheese products. All of our home made products are produced according to strict Norwegian quality standards. Willy's Products simply guarantees top quality food and exquisite delicious dining experience.
All of our products are USDA approved and all go under a strict Quality Control and Inspection.

    About Willy Hansen

    Willy Hansen was born and raised just outside the town of Harstad in Northern Norway. Surrounded by steep mountains and peaceful fjords he learned to appreciate the gifts of nature. At an early age he became interested in the traditional Norwegian food culture. Little did he know that years later he would bring Norwegian culinary arts across the Atlantic... Early in life he started his own deli in Sandefjord south-east Norway, known as "Hans på Tomta" famous for its exquisite food, becoming one of the most popular places in town.
    His desire to travel grew so he decided to explore the world through the seas. As Chief Stuart on the large cruise ship SS Norway he became a well-renowned chef of the seas. During this time he only used fresh and high quality raw materials, and was always inspired by the traditional Norwegian recipes.

    Willy created unforgettable dining experiences for thousands of guests he served over the years on board SS Norway. After many years aboard he decided to go ashore in Miami, Florida. His passion for food never ceased and soon after starting his new life he developed a new business idea. His vision was to introduce high quality food to the American market. The rest is history!